MLR Series Custom Modular Air Handling Units

MLR Series modular air handling units are an economical alternative to fully custom air handlers. You can upgrade whole facility heating and cooling performance with a wide range of customizing options, including dual fans with isolation dampers, coated coils, HEPA filtration and energy recovery. Modular components are ideally suited for replacement applications, with a knock-down casing for movement through stairways, manholes or elevators for reassembly in tight spaces such as an existing mechanical room. Common options include interior lighting, stainless steel linings in the cooling coil section and checker-plate floor liners.


  • Double-wall panels, 2” thick, with basic thermal break design and injected polyurethane foam insulation
  • Indoor or outdoor designs, variable width and height
  • Capacities through 40,000 CFM
  • Dual, direct-drive plenum fan configurations
  • Removable panels


  • Full access for servicing components
  • Prevention of infiltration, exfiltration and radiant heat conduction for impressive energy savings
  • The ability to meet existing or expanded air flow requirements in a minimal footprint
  • Minimal disruption to existing ducting

Modular AHUs And Options



Units are available in a wide range of airflow configurations including horizontal, vertical, stacked (shown), blow-thru or draw-thru.
Multiple Fan Configuration

Multiple Fan Configuration

Multiple fans allow shorter length in direction of airflow and facilitate installation when the available space or access is limited.
Filter Modues


Standard pre-filters are 2” or 4” deep pleated panels. Common final filters include pocket-type, cartridge type and HEPA filters. The final filters may be located immediately after the pre-filters, or, as the final component in the air stream for superior filtration quality.
Heat Recovery

Heat Recovery

Heat recovery options include heat wheels, heat-pipe coils, and cross-flow air-to-air heat exchangers.
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