Compact, custom AHU modules bring quiet airflow to casino


Caesar’s Casino


Atlantic City, NJ


Custom, Field-Erected Indoor Air Handling Unit

Mainstream replaced two air handling units with one custom 80,000-CFM AHU, plus another which supplies pre-conditioned outside air from several floors above. Due to existing structure, space was extremely limited, and the unit needed to be built to fit around existing structural steel supports. Acoustical performance was an important consideration.

The field-erected air handling system, which included 4”-thick, double-wall acoustical panels, was built to exactly fit in the existing space and around the structure. Eight stacked plenum-type supply fans supply a total of 80,000 CFM, minimizing space requirements and improving acoustical performance. A separate 40,000 CFM unit was installed at the outside air intake four floors above the main unit, supplying pre-conditioned outside air to the main unit.
Caesar's Casino – Atlantic City, NJ
Compact, custom AHU modules bring quiet airflow to casino
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