EC Fan Arrays

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Mainstream has been working with EC fans for over a decade, and continues to remain on the cutting edge, developing ways to refine the process of designing, replacing and installing fan arrays.

Wide-ranging customer-types, from high-level government facilities to healthcare centers, have turned to electronically commutated (EC) motors to fill their air handling needs.

So why have EC Fan Arrays transformed the industry?


Space is always at a premium, particularly in retrofit or replacement applications. EC fans enable us to reduce the depth of fan sections, which increases our flexibility, and enables us to match tight footprints.

Dependability, redundancy, and ease of maintenance

EC fan arrays can be sized to include n+1 redundancy, ensuring mission-critical AHUs are able to run at full speed even in the event of a failure. The direct drive design eliminates the need for replacement belts, shafts, and alignment.


Already an inherently quiet design, EC fans can be selected to run at lower speeds to reduce noise as needed, in sound-sensitive environments.

Ease of installation

Mainstream’s panel design makes installing a fan array in any AHU extremely simple. The light weight and compact profile of the fans means they can be easily transported through small openings or passageways.


EC motors meet the requirements for efficiency class IE5, the equivalent of NEMA Ultra Premium Efficiency

Ease of control

An integrated inverter in each motor eliminates the need for expensive, inefficient VFDs, and greatly simplifies the control and communication wiring.