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The Mainstream team has decades of experience selected replacement fans and designing retrofit fan arrays. Our engineering team is ready to assist you, whatever your objectives or limiting factors may be; redundancy, efficiency, noise or performance.

Critical Environments

Fan arrays allow for redundancy while reducing required maintenance, easing the job of those servicing the most mission-critical air handling units. Optional backdraft dampers eliminate air recirculation in the event of a fan failure.

High Efficiency Fans

Fans are designed specifically for the environment, to achieve the highest efficiency in their size range

Smaller Footprints

Fan arrays can dramatically reduce the required length of a fan section versus conventional fan systems. This means matching the existing fan section footprint is typically no problem.

Optimized Controls

Simplified touch-screen control screens bring the latest technologies to your fingertips, enabling you to meet varying airflow requirements

Ideal for Retrofit Applications

Fan arrays reduce the size of the fans, making transportation and installation in tough-to-access areas much more straightforward